How often should you change chinchilla bedding?

Although chinchillas are not smelly animals, they are messy. In order to keep your chinchilla stay healthy, immune system and cage in a good shape, apart from the best chinchilla bedding, you also need to spend your time to clean the bedding every day.

Proper cleaning bedding will stop your chinchilla’s cage smelling bad. This post below explores everything you need to know, how and how often to change the bedding to prevent smell build-up.

#1 Daily cleaning chinchilla bedding

Whatever bedding you are using, fleece liner or aspen shavings, chinchilla cages need swept out daily for poop and discarded hay. You’ll only need to spend five or ten minutes a day checking and cleaning your chinchilla’s cage. This will much better for chinchilla and also more save your time than takes hours every other weekend.

Checking the bedding, spot cleaning it. See any part that is been soiled and replacing it. Spot clean bedding once a day will prevent the urine from soaking to the rest of the clean bedding.

#2 Weekly cleaning chinchilla bedding

Urine of chinchilla will begin to produce an odor after one week. And this is time that you need to deep clean the cage. This includes washing water bottles and food bowls and also changing the bedding.

One week would be the bare minimum for cleaning. If you are using shavings, it is easier to get dirty and you many need to change it 1 time or 2 times per week depending on what it looks like. If you are using fleece liners, it makes the task  much more easier. Fleece liner is reusable, you just need to wash it with washing machine and cold water and he fleece can be used time and time again.

#3 Useful tools for changing bedding

Little Broom and Dustpan specifically useful to sweep up little poops, hat and dust of chinchillas daily. You will save you time of spot cleaning the cage and keeps the area around the chin’s cage a little tidier with these tools.

A vacuum is also must have tool. It will helps to clean up all the hay, bedding, fur, and poops from in and around the cage. Especially if you are using shavings, the vacuum can solve the messy that shaving make.

The Real Canada Seeds review: No International Shipping

First of all this is a Canadian cannabis company that serves only Canadians. There are no international shipments whatsoever.

Second, concerning payments. They 100 percent do not accept any type of credit cards. They only accept eTransfers and cash. Not even checques are acceptable.

According to canadian seed bank reviews, Real Canada Seeds acts as a middle man between Canadian seed growers and buyers. As a result, the company leaves it up to the growers whether to provide customer replacement for seeds that fail to germinate. Real Canada seeds can put cusomers with problems directly in contact with the growers but as they say, some will provide replacement seeds, others will not.

In addition, with Real Canada Seeds, you can only pay in Canadian dollars. US dollars are not accepted.

On the other hand, The Real Canada Seeds has strains of cannabis from over 18 of Canada’s finest breeders including Archive, Cali Collection, The Cold Line, Annarado Genetics, Compound Genetics, Dragons Flame Genetics, Ethos Genetics or more.

Whether you want regular or feminized cannabis seeds, or seeds that autoflower, The Real Canada has got you covered.

One thing to keep in mind however, is that the prices at The Real Canada are not exactly cheap. For example, a typical packet of 6 seeds will cost around $115 Canadian, which is at least a third as high or more as most of our marijuana seed banks listed.

Do you get the best? Possibly there are few cannabis seed factories in all of Canada with such a quality breeder selection. There are no generic cannabis seeds here. But you do pay signicantly from buying at The Real Canada Seeds, which in a way is like a high-end shop designed for connoisseurs.

Whether you wish to spend so much on a “custom breeder” site is up to you, but it’s important to know right up front that The Real Canada Seeds does have high prices.

Naturally, they do have a good reputation for customer delivery, particularly since they only deliver in Canada. And if they have the product you want in stock, delivery is relatively quick by Canadian parcel express.

However, we noticed while reading their web FAQ’s that the company says delivery may take 2-4 weeks! Why? We don’t really know.

For all these reasons, we give The Real Canada Seeds three stars, but honestly we think there are better dispensaries for you.

Best hedgehog foods: How to properly feed your hedgehog?

Once you know what foods are best hedgehog foods, and which foods can cause harm. The following step is exploring how much food to feed them and when you should feed them. In fact, hedgehog food is very cheap due to the fact that they only eat a litter amount of food.

In this post, we go get into the details about how to properly feed your hedgehogs to ensure that you will never overfeed your pets.

How many times a day should you feed a pet hedgehog?

Many hedgehogs prefer to keep their hedgie’s bowl full at all times in the hedgehog cage. That means they allow their pets to access the food and eat whatever they want and as much as they can. However, this is not the good thing for hedgehogs since hedgehogs are greedy eaters. They tent to eat more than they need and this will lead to obesity disease.

Instead, you should feed your hedgehogs once to twice a day. For pregnant and baby hedgehogs, who are require more nutrients, you can provide them with unlimited source of food. Remember to check the weight of your pets, if your hedgehogs are putting on weight though, monitor and decrease the amount of food you feed them and encourage exercise.

How much food should you feed hedgehog?

As mention below, hedgehogs do not eat much, they only need to eat one to two tablespoon of food once to twice a day. The amount of food also can be change depend on the types of food you feed them, your hedgehog’s situation (Baby, pregnant, nursing and the hogs need to increase weight are expected to eat more), and how active your hedgehogs are.

When should you feed your hedgehog?

Hedgehogs will become more active at night and they sleep during the day. There for the best time of the day to feed them is around the twilight when they wake up. Being active during the night also make hedgehogs burn their energy at night and hungry. One more thing should remember is clean and remove all the access food on the bowl in the following morning.